Comprising of Clinical Research Program administrative team, Co-Directors and Managers who support the goals of the Department of Oncology. [Read more]

Clinical Research Associates

The CRA will guide the patient through the trial process one step at a time, working closely with the physicians and the hospital staff. [Read more]

Data Safety Monitoring

Interim evaluations of comparative trials are conducted in order to monitor studies for extreme therapeutic and prevention results, as well as for excess toxicity and practical difficulties. [Read more]


Disease Site Committee

The Disease Site Committees are responsible for the initial scientific review of protocols and patient informed consent documents by assessing merit and design of the study. [Read more]

Hematology Oncology

Hematology Oncology is the management of malignant cancers in the blood and forming elements in the lymph nodes. [Read more]

McGill IRB

The McGill IRB is designed to carry out the review, approval and follow-up for research to be conducted with individuals participating in clinical trials in McGill’s teaching hospitals. [Read more]

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is the management of people who have cancer or exceptional risk of contracting the disease. [Read more]


Oncology nurses are pivotal to the conduct and outcomes of a clinical research study in the Clinical Research Program by bringing forward a set of specialized skills and knowledge; including teamwork, assessment and problem-solving. [Read more]

Palliative Care

Palliative care aims to improve the life of patients and families through the early identification and management of suffering associated with advanced illness and emphasis on the positive aspects of life. [Read more]

Patient Support Group

An 8-week program is offered each Fall for participants (patients, family, friends, people working in the medical field) to learn how to work effectively with stress, pain, and illness. [Read more]


Before a patient can receive any type of treatment, a diagnosis of their disease must be confirmed.  A biopsy is performed and the tissue is forwarded to the Department of Pathology whereby variety of tests are performed. [Read more]


The Oncology Pharmacists at the McGill teaching hospitals are dedicated to the care and treatment of the many cancer patients who are receiving both standard and investigational drug therapy. [Read more]

Radiation Oncology

Recent technological advances in the field of radiotherapy planning and delivery, have made it is possible to achieve a high degree of conformal treatment to the target tissues containing the tumor. [Read more]


Imaging is an important component in the screening of patients for eligibility in a study, as well as in the monitoring of tumors throughout a clinical trial. [Read more]

Surgical Oncology

Surgeons involved in the treatment of cancer are responsible for removing cancerours tumors from the patient’s body. [Read more]

Welcome to the Clinical Research Program

The McGill Gerald Bronfman Center for Clinical Research in Oncology provides access to cutting-edge cancer treatment through clinical trials. The clinical research program in oncology supports patients through the clinical trial process in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) while working in a multidisciplinary environment.

The Clinical Research Associates, working with the investigator/physicians, nurses and pharmacists in the hospitals, become well-acquainted with the patients and their families. The CRAs follow patients from the time of enrollment to the end of their participation in the study, and assist in scheduling their appointments, answering their questions and completing the required paperwork for the pharmaceutical sponsors.


There are a multitude of groups and caregivers who work hand in hand to support and comfort the patient, and to surround them with a “Circle of Hope”.